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A good harvest begins with healthy soil. Trishul Biotech’s agricultural biotechnology products powered by seaweed, bioactives, and beneficial bacteria and fungi harness the power of nature to make the soil more fertile. Trishul Biotech develops its products under the UpCrop system, focusing on high-quality solutions for better plant nutrition, protection, soil health, and high yield. This way, Trishul Biotech helps farmers access a cost-effective method for farming efficiency




Trishul Biotech manufactures a range of biofertilizers using top-quality inputs, including seaweed, in a zero-waste environment. Farmers can combine these biofertilizers with the recommended dosage of fertilizers (RDF) to catalyze healthy growth, drive higher yields, and gain resilience

organic fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Trishul Biotech’s organic fertilizers help enhance soil fertility and crop yield by improving the microbial composition of soil in order to break down organic matter into nutrient-rich soil amendments to reduce wastage and rejuvenate depleted soils.



Trishul Biotech’s biostimulants promote holistic soil management. Biostimulants stimulate natural inoculants to enhance crops’ ability to withstand abiotic stress. The inoculants integrate microbes and nutrients to promote better nutrient assimilation and optimize yield.

plant growth regulators

Plant Growth Regulators

Give your plants a boost with Trishul Biotech’s top-of-the-line growth regulators. These naturally synthesized products harness plant hormones like cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins to promote growth and enhance crop quality

bio pesticides


Trishul Biotech’s biopesticides are an intelligent combination of high-quality ingredients that promote crop health and resilience while reducing wastage and maximizing yield

bio insecticides

Bio Insecticides

Trishul Biotech’s bioinsecticides give a booster shot to disease management in agriculture. They contain live bacteria, which are harmful only to insects. This way, Trishul Biotech’s bioinsecticides drive higher yields without harming the soil, air, or water.

bio fungicides

Bio Fungicides

Target disease-causing pathogens that affect root, shoot, and foliage. The live bacteria/fungi in Trishul Biotech’s products attack plant pathogens without harming the crop or the soil.

bio nematicide

Bio Nematicide

Trishul Biotech’s bionematicides are composed of beneficial fungi that kill parasitic nematodes. These bionematicides can be used alongside  recommended dosage of fertilizers (RDF) to improve crop yield, growth, and longevity.


Premium Products

Trishul Biotech premium products are unique in benefits as they contain seaweed extracts, different strains of Biofertilizers, and biopesticides which are in water-soluble form with excellent proven results.


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