Bio Pesticides

Natural growth inducers

bio pesticide

The Trishul Biotech Microbial Bio Pesticide collection comprises of microbial cultures that work as Bio Insecticides, Bio Fungicides, BioNematicides.

The products are based on cultures of bacteria and fungi. The products are used for the control of insects, fungi and nematodes.

Biopesticides contain ingredients that occur naturally. They have been extensively tested to ensure the safety of humans, beneficial insects, and the environment.The reason for their increased adoption is that they are low in toxicity, do not contaminate the environment, and help tackle increased pesticide resistance.

They are less toxic than conventional pesticides. Biopesticides are organic and derived from fungi, and bacteria. These make them environment-friendly and safe for humans and animals. 

Biopesticides help reduce pesticide resistance in pests by killing those resistant to certain conventional pesticides. Another benefit is that biopesticides are easier to use since they do not need to be applied as frequently or in high volumes as traditional pesticides.




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