Bio Fungicides

Keeping plants free of fungal growth

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Trishul Biotech’s bio-fungicides are extremely effective f solution for the management of crop diseases caused by fungi.  The live bacteria or fungi present in Trishul Biotech’s bio fungicides control plant diseases caused by  fungal infections through a unique mode of action. They protect the plant and soil from disease-causing pathogens. Trishul Biotech’s formulation and technology are backed by a strong research and development team.

Bio fungicides contain naturally occurring substances ,unlike their synthetic counterparts. These natural ingredients include beneficial microorganisms that act against fungal pathogens. 


Bio Fungicides | Trishul Biotech

Bio fungicides are non-toxic and safe for plants and the environment. Unlike synthetic fungicides, they do not kill beneficial organisms such as soil microbes. Therefore, farmers can use them in integrated pest management  practices  without harming beneficial insects. They also have lower persistence rates compared to  conventional pesticides, which means they break down more rapidly into harmless compounds. This natural decomposition reduces potential human health risks associated with long-term exposure to chemicals in our food chain or water supply.

Bio fungicides can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Fungicidal: These biofungicides kill pathogens.
  • Growth-regulating: These biofungicides interfere with the normal development of the fungi .
  • Suppressive: These bio fungicides stop or slow down the growth and reproduction of a fungus on plants.