How Trishul helps the water sector

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Waste water

Water scarcity and pollution has a direct impact on the overall standard of living in both developed and developing countries. The increasing scarcity of water across the globe along with the population explosion in urban areas stresses the high need for appropriate water management practices. Growth in urban areas is always linked to increased demand for clean water supply and increased wastewater generation. Water supply and wastewater management in urban areas has become increasingly difficult and hence in many countries throughout the world, water reuse has proved to be an effective and safe means to manage the growing water demands. However, wastewater treatment efficiency, cost of treatment and public acceptance are some of the constraints associated with wastewater reuse practices.We at Trishul Biotech have come out with proprietary bioaugmentation products for effective treatment of sewage and effluents of dairy, chemical industries, dyeing, palm oil and coffee industries. The formulation contains a unique combination of selected bacteria and fungi that can grow well in sewage/effluents thereby bringing down the BOD, COD and other hard-to-treat complex organic compounds well within the permissible limits. The combination of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria and fungi provides a key advantage to our product in treating sewage and other industrial effluents under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.