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AlgiMin is derived from nutrient rich Red, Brown & Green marine algae. AlgiMin, organic Seaweed extract contains minerals and nutrients in the natural available form that supports good shrimp health and stable bloom in pond.

Composition / Ingredients
Parameter Concentrate
Calcium as Ca 204.0 mg/100g
Magnesium as Mg 567.0 mg/kg
Sodium as Na 167.0 mg/100g
Potassium as K 179.0 mg/100g
Total Nitrogen as N 1.80 g/100g
Phosphorous as P 3.99 mg/kg
Manganese as Mn 25.74 mg/kg
Iron as Fe 72.13 mg/kg
Zinc as Zn 23.0 mg/kg
Copper as Cu 18.6 mg/kg
Total carbohydrates 0.52 g/100g
Crude Fat 0.04 g/100g
Crude Ash 1.47 g/100g
Moisture 95.15 g/100g


  • Feed mixing: 10ml AlgiMin/Kg of feed diluted with sufficient quantity of water and mixed with feed (binder not required), shade dried and applied daily.
  • Low-saline ponds:apply 3L of AlgiMin/acre of pond once in a week
  • Brackishwater and high-saline ponds:apply 1-2L of AlgiMin/acre of pond once in a week


  • Provides balanced mineral mix
  • Ensures healthy growth of shrimp
  • Supports stable bloom
  • Balances pH of the pond
  • Supports regular molt cycle
  • Improves natural color of the shrimp

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