Bio Insecticides

Keeping plants insect free

bio insecticides

Trishul Biotech is a biotechnology company that manufactures organic bio insecticides, which are formulations recommended for managing insects that feed on crops. These formulations contain live bacteria that produce toxins which are harmful only to insects.

They cure the plant and soil from disease-causing pathogens. Bio-insecticides give long-lasting protection to the crop and soil, and thus increase crop yield

An insecticide is a synthetic or natural chemical that kills insects. Unlike synthetic insecticides , bio insecticides are derived from natural ingredients.

Trishul Biotech’s bio insecticides combine well with other organic based  fertilizers, besides being highly effective on their own.

Bioinsecticides are a rapidly growing segment of the pest control market for several reasons: 

  1. They are environment friendly
  2. They are safe for humans 
  3. They repel and kill insects without harming the ecology.




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