Natural growth inducers


Trishul Biotech‘s Biostimulant collection includes naturally derived – diverse formulations of products, integrating microbes and nutrients to address abiotic stress, promote better nutrient assimilation and optimize yields.

Biostimulants include naturally derived bio fertilizers, microbial inoculants and plant extracts that facilitate crop growth, boost yields and promote tolerance to abiotic stress.

The Biostimulants product line strives to promote sustainable agricultural practices among farmers through an integrated approach to maximize growth and promote healthy soil.

Biostimulants contain essential nutrients that plants require to grow. They contain organic compounds that stimulate plant growth by improving the intake of nutrients and water, thereby improving plant growth and yield significantly. Biostimulants can also aid in plant development, vigor, as well as disease and drought resistance.

Biostimulants offer many benefits to plant growers, including:

  • Increased crop yield
  • Enhanced plant growth
  • Better plant health, vigor, and appearance
  • Improved crop uniformity, maturity, and color

Biostimulants can be applied to the soil before planting or after transplanting seedlings. Biostimulants are not a fertilizer; they stimulate plants’ production of natural growth hormones and other beneficial compounds. Ideally, farmers must apply these products when plants are in the vegetative stage — before flowering or setting of fruits.




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