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HatchSafe is a Proprietary fermented combination of botanicals and Probiotics that is good at eliminating Vibrio and other pathogens in Shrimp hatchery (Penaeus  vannamei, Penaeus monodon & Penaeus indicus). HatchSafe ensures balanced gut microflora and enhanced nutrient absorption leading to healthy post larvae with higher survival rates.

Fermented Botanical extracts. Aerobic spore formers: 1.7×104 cfu/ml



  • Larval rearing tanks (PL1 – PL12): 10ml/ton of water
  • Shelf life & Storage:18 months from date of manufacture.


  • Boosts non-specific immunity
  • Controls Vibrio and other pathogens
  • Ensures Higher Survival rate
  • Improves nutrient assimilation
  • Ensures Healthier Post larvae
  • Maintains good water quality

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