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Aquademax is specially formulated for super-intensive, intensive and semi-intensive shrimp & fish culture systems. Aquademax is a balanced blend of denitrifying & sulfide-oxidizing bacteria and a wide range of enzyme producing heterotrophic bacteria that are active in converting toxic metabolites such as sulfide to non-toxic forms. Aquademax degrades the detritus and residual feed accumulated in the pond bottom and keeps it clean and ideal for healthier shrimp & fish growth.

Contains ≥108 cfu/gm each of 

  • Bacillus spp. (6 different strains)
  • Paracoccus sp.
  • Marinobacter sp.


  • During pond preparation: 500 g/acre of Aquademax mixed with sufficient quantity of water and applied throughout the pond. 
  • After stocking: 500 gm/acre of Aquademax mixed with sufficient quantity of pond water and applied throughout the pond every 7-10 days or as advised by your aquaculture specialist.
  • Shelf life & Storage: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place. 


  • Produces an array of organic matter and detritus degrading enzymes (Amylase, Protease, cellulase and lipase)
  • Prevents sulfide formation in the pond bottom
  • Keeps bond bottom free of remnant feed and detritus
  • Improves Feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Contains bacteria that have dual beneficial properties
  • Works in a wide range of salinity (0 to 60 ppt)
  • Works efficiently in a broad range of pH and temperature
  • Protects shrimps from various stress due to organic matter and toxic inorganics

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