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Nitripro water probiotics is specially formulated for Ammonia and Nitrite removal in super-intensive, intensive and semi-intensive shrimp culture systems. Nitripro is also ideal for fish farms with high stocking, high feeding rates and limited water exchange. Nitripro keeps the pondwater ideal for excellent growth and higher yield.

Nitrosomonas sp.(ammonia oxidation rate: ≥ 150 ppm N-NH3 /L/24 hr)

Nitrobacter sp. (nitrite oxidation rate: ≥ 40 ppm N-NO2/L/24 hr)


  • Preventive dose: 1Litre/acre of Nitripro mixed with sufficient quantity of pondwater and applied throughout the pond every 7-10 days.
  • Treatment dose: 2 Litre/acre of Nitripro every 3 days or as advised by your aquaculture specialist.
  • Shelf life & Storage: 24 months from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Intended use: For Pond, RAS and Hatchery applications.


  • Very effective in converting Ammonia and Nitrite to non-toxic forms
  • Prevents shrimps from stress due to toxic-nitrogen metabolites
  • Supports active nitrogen cycling
  • Keeps high alkalinity under check
  • Limits macro algal bloom
  • Higher yield and survival
  • Improves Feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Works in a broad range of salinity (0-60 ppt)
  • Works in a broad range of pH and temperature

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