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About Us

Empowering Agriculture for Everyone

Company Overview

Trishul Biotech seeks to revolutionize farming practices by enabling farmers to attain higher yields with planet-friendly products. Trishul Biotech is committed to creating a workplace that thrives on diversity and inclusivity while optimizing processes to deliver high-quality products to reduce emissions and waste.

Trishul Biotech is part of the renowned Standard Fireworks group, which has been a symbol of quality and trust since 1932. Trishul Biotech assimilates the manufacturing and distribution prowess of Standard Fireworks to unlock higher efficiency in producing and scaling products.

farming solutions
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Trishul Biotech leverages the unique and innovative development platform, UpCrop, to develop products that catalyze positive change in the farming landscape. Using UpCrop, Trishul Biotech’s researchers strive to improve the health of the soil microbiome, which helps crops reach their full potential. 

Trishul Biotech leverages the UpCrop platform to manufacture an extensive range of products, including biofertilizers, biopesticides, biostimulants, bioinsecticides, growth regulators, organic fertilizers, bionematicide, and biofungicides. These products improve productivity and health during all stages of the crop’s development, from soil to harvest.