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Trishul Biotech offers a mulititude of research that utilize of top scientists and engineers, as well as state of the art equipment. By virtue of incredibly accurate and modern measuring equipment, Trishul Biotech guarantees efficancy and efficiency in analysis across a wide variety of applications

Lab Services

soil health testing lab

Soil Health Analysis

Healthy soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. Trishul Biotech carries out comprehensive and holistic analysis of soil health to identify areas of improvement.

plant testing services

Plant Health Analysis

Plant health analysis is a quick and efficient tool to identify the exact location / area of the plant / vegetation / crop affected by diseases, pests and other stress, which in turn helps farmers to respond appropriately.

water testing lab

Water Analysis

Determining the quality and efficacy of water supply is imperative in numerous sectors – healthcare, food, steel, power and hospitality industries, to name just a few. in these cases, productivity can benefit tremendously from a water source analysis.

food quality testing

Food Analysis

Food quality testing and analysis is important to ascertain the composition of food products. This also helps companies ensure quality, meet regulations and compliances, gauge nutritional content and determine any potential contamination preemptively.

animal feed analysis laboratory

Animal Feed Analysis

A thorough laboratory analysis, value and effectiveness of Animal Feed is necessary to determine the most economical ration that will meet animal requirements and ensure that the animal feed is safe, satisfies regulatory compliances and vaildates manufacturer claims with accurate data.

fertilizer testing laboratory

Fertilizer Analysis

A fetilizer analysis helps determine the plant’s nutrients, trace elements and gauge the heavy metal content of the fertilizer before use. this is to ensure the fertilizer contains necessary plant nutrients and that the fertilizer contains low levels of heavy metal content.