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At Trishul Biotech, it is not only about sustainable agriculture – it is about achieving sustainability every step of the way. Trishul Biotech believes it is possible to provide innovative and sustainable solutions with no compromise on the environment, people or profits.


Trishul Biotech’s team of experts are in constant pursuit of meeting UN SDG 2030.

environmental sustainability


Trishul Biotech’s manufacturing facility uses a zero-discharge manufacturing process with a closed circuit water system that reuses 80% of the water that it takes in. Furthermore, cultivation of seaweed increases carbon sequestration and fertilizer use efficiency, resulting in higher yield and reduced carbon footprint.


Trishul Biotech’s motto is to provide training and services for the cultivation of seaweed, to provide alternative income opportunities and livelihood for the coastal communities. With such an outlook, their earning per acreis imporved by quality as well as quantity.

Trishul Biotech’s social sustainability programs start from the coastal communities and improve their livelihood. Farmers’ livelihood, the Trishul Biotech factory was eastablihed in a backward district, thereby promoting opportunities for growth and development in a sustainable manner.


social sustainability


economical sustainability

Not only are Trishul Biotech Products Sustainble for the environmental as well as socially, they are also econimically sustainable. Usage of biostimulants and biofertilizers results in higher yield, lowers transportation costs, lesser crop loss and larger produce. This makes agriculture profitable and viable for all stakeholders.