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upcrop seaweed extract powder

Seaweed Extract Powder

Seaweed extract powder contains over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids, Auxins, Cytokinins and Gibberellins enhance plant health and vigor.It is  found to increase plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as drought. When used as a seed inoculant, seaweed extract improves germination efficiency, and helps in the development of a healthy root system. 

Trishul Biotech’s water soluble seaweed extract powder is an innovative, highly advanced natural product that is derived from algal sources form the coastal villages of Southern India. It demonstrates improvement across the entire life cycle of the plant. This makes Trishul Biotech’s product a sustainable solution for increasing yield per acre. Not only is the product better for the crops, it is also better for the farmer.

Available Packaging

Standing Pouch 100g

Standing Pouch 500g

Composition / Ingredients
Parameter Concentrate
pH 7.6
N 0.54%
P 0.21%
K 22.0%
Calcium 0.87%
Magnesium 1.2%
Sulphur 0.70%
Total organic matter 9.1%
Moisture 1.7%








Oil Seeds


All Majo Crops

All major crops


  • 200gm/acre


  • Enhanced seed germination and growth
  • Helps in development of healthy root system
  • Increases plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions
  • Contains plant hormones that enhance plant health and vigor

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