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Trishul Biotech specializes in developing and manufacturing products that promote sustainable practices across different sectors. Led by a team of visionary scientists and engineers, Trishul Biotech’s research facilities and manufacturing units develop groundbreaking new products across four key sectors: agriculture, animal health, water, and food

Trishul Biotech realizes that each sector serves a purpose crucial to our sustainable future and ensures that all four sectors deliver effective, scalable, eco-friendly, preservative-free, and safe products.

Our Sectors

agricultural solutions


Backed by science and commitment to a green future, Trishul Biotech develops agricultural solutions that promote food security and economic prosperity. Products like biofertilizers, biostimulants, biopesticides, and bionematicides improve soil quality and plant health while driving higher yields.

wastewater treatment plant


Trishul Biotech offers a cost-effective bioaugmentation solution to treat effluents discharged into water effectively. Trishul Biotech’s solutions help rejuvenate water systems by treating discharge from the dairy, match, dyeing, and palm oil industries more efficiently.

animal health solutions

Animal Health

Trishul Biotech produces probiotics, growth promoters, and feed supplements to promote animal health. The solutions focus on improving feed quality to support environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

food thickener agents supplier


Trishul Biotech offers sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions to meet the demands of a constantly evolving food industry. Trishul Biotech manufactures safe, organic, gluten-free, and healthy food, including carrageenan, sodium alginate, and agar-agar.